The D4 MiniMe Instant Folding Mini-Ledge

The carbon fibre D4 MiniMe will soon be produced and available from our Handbuilt Alliance Partner, Tufa Climbing. It is a compact folding belay chair, packs up small (19.5" x 7") and weighs less than a kilo, and instantly unfolds to a small platform (19.5" x 31") suitable for extended periods of time and even lying down. Video of setup.


Get your limited edition D4 SWAG here!!


We are also working on:

  • Three-person Trapezium portaledge,  lighter, stronger, smallest packed size.
  • A radical new tent design, lighter and structurally more wind resistant.
  • Photographer's vertical tripod
  • DIY portaledge for Activists.
  • New folding camp chairs.
  • protecting IP so new innovations can be licensed and shared fairly.
  • bunch of other fun ideas and initial prototypes filling up the shop!