D4 Delta2p Evolution

D4 portaledge Design

(work in progress)

Working out issues with this “foot-out” portaledge concept took some time and a marriage of various new technological developments like CAD/CAM, and this post will also provide tips for other innovators.

In the meantime, see https://www.bigwalls.net/the-d4-story.html

Original 1999/2000 notes (this design didn’t really work that well—it was a hinged design and hinges in portaledges tend to result in a wobbly frame):

I made the first prototype at Black Diamond in Salt Lake City. After the first round of prototypes, Peter Metcalf decided he didn’t want to further pursue the design, and agreed that Black Diamond would not work on a “foot-out” design ledge without my involvement in the future.

I was also hopeful of this design at the time:

Jeff Lowe submitted this design to A5 about 10 years before (too floppy):