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I really enjoyed this John.

The British attitude towards pitons in the 20s and 30s can be gauged by the response to the ascent of Munich Climb [VS / 5.7] in North Wales, pioneered by visiting Bavarians who used three (!) pins. At the time it was said "the hand which could insert a piton into British rock would be capable of drawing a trigger on a fox." (The only sporting way to kill a fox is to have your hounds tear it to pieces...).

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apologies, I accidently sent out a draft of this chapter, with a bunch of arcane notes in the second half, so this Climbing Pitons Early Evolution, part 1 will be split into two parts, part 1a and 1b. oops! That is what happens when you try to make a quick edit on the iPad while playing a card game with your kids!

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