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Concerning the Hinterstoißer, Kurz tradegy I would recommend checking out the film made by Gerd Bauer 1980, 1981. „Der Weg ist das Ziel“. Filmed for the Bavarian televion (BR). Nearly all shots where made on the original sights on the wall and the history is very well researched. No fiction!

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Is this the film? https://www.br.de/mediathek/video/50-jahre-unter-unserem-himmel-1981-eiger-nordwand-schauplatz-der-tragoedien-av:5c7ff234aa6d79001a3bb848


That’s the link I found on you tube! The film is in two parts, Part 1 The preliminary story of Hinterstoißer and Kurz and the introduction of them as climbers. Part 2 Meeting the Austrians Edi Rainer and Willi Angerer (I played the part of Willy Angerer). And thestory around the Press, and them on the wall.

Just made a quick run through of the link you sent me. It is not the film I meant, but seemingly also a film by Gerd. It’s a film about a more recent ascent of a new route by Swiss climbers. But to tell the story of the Eiger he used a lot of material from the original film he made.

The original film titel is: Der Weg ist das Ziel

Cheers James

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Any thoughts on the AAC's connection to Uyghur human rights abuses through their partnership with Arc'teryx/Anta Sports of China?

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