Feedback wanted!

Hello, subscribers and D4 fans who have been receiving my Substack history research.

I am hoping to get a bit of feedback as we lead up to more and more advanced tools and techniques for big wall climbing.

As a researcher, it is easy to get drawn into the proverbial “rabbit holes” where days can be spent on details sidelining the story, for example, the life of the Chamois in the European Alps.

Just hoping if you have a moment to note if you like this research and if the level of detail is sometimes too much, and also if you have any suggestions to spice it up. (Lately, I’m stuck on the latest chapter on Konrad Kain’s climbs in Europe with perhaps too much detail, but some new interesting connections).


Edit: Thanks everyone! Super helpful comments. I will definitely try to get it all in book form, perhaps a print-on-demand. Most publishers would probably cut the number of photos—I think the story can only really be told visually, stuff is often too hard to explain. Pics tell 1000 words, so really a million-page book. ;)